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"God helps them that help themselves." -Benjamin Franklin

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"It’s 3:45 am
and I woke up because I had
a dream that my skin was separating
around my bones.
It takes a while for my eyes to adjust in the dark, but now that I’m awake, I hear the rain pelting the house, threatening to crack it in half, my head is pounding trying to split itself in two, the lightening is trying to break this world open to let the purity of the heavens through, the moon is crying she is missing her other half.
All of this chaos, and only on night one of missing you."

Key Ballah, Late Night Free Write (via keywrites)

"True love is elusive, she said, sometimes I think it’s as rare as a red moon on a cloudless night."

Michael Faudet (via michaelfaudet)

(via langleav)

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